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About 5M

5M service, you can open bank accounts online without visit the bank.
Remote account opening is the act of opening a bank account at a bank without physically showing up in-person. There are several remote account opening methods you can use, including online applications, virtual meetings, alternate locations, and more.
Open Your Business Account & Personal Account Online

Why do we offer this service?

There’s a need because our banking services are strongly in demand.
Probably because many companies have difficulty with opening business accounts.
Opening a personal account or business account with debit card should be easy.
We have the privilege of offering companies to open account directly online through partners, VISA cards or MasterCard included.
You just upload requested documents, see KYC = Know Your Client
Regardless of the weather, time or where you are, you apply directly online
A fantastic service 5M offer you!

Banking services!

    Good and trustful banking
  • Banks with Outstanding Service & Support
  • Fast registration online, without personal visit
  • Several banks to choose within or outside the Europe
  • Local IBAN numbers
  • Currency accounts, avoid exchange fees
  • Mastercard or Visa included, order multiple cards
  • SEPA get paid or pay in Euro
  • Payments in real time
  • Latest technology and highest security that applies on Internet
  • Android and iOS Standard, do your banking no matter where you are…