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Remote bank account opening is basically what it sounds like.
It’s where you don’t have to be physically present to open a bank account.

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Opening a foreign bank account online

Citizens of any country can remotely open a bank account abroad electronically.
It allows you to save time and money on flights and sometimes on courier expenses if the bank accepts documents submitted online.
Notarization may not even be required if the document can be submitted as a scanned copy of the original.

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Local IBANs

Instant payments in the UK, Europe and Asia. Near real-time payments

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MasterCard or VISA

Always included. Use your card all over the world

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Apply for bank account online

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KYC = Know Your Client All banks, whether they open accounts for local or international clients, are required to know their customers. In most cases, offshore banks need documents in English or a certified English translation. Some banks may accept just scanned copies of the originals, others may require them to be certified by a notary public, and some may ask to send original documents by courier or mail.

Multicurrency IBAN

Get multicurrency bank details for incoming and outgoing payments as an additional feature to your dedicated IBAN.

Accept and send transfers in supported currencies without spending money on an exchange.

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US + Offshore

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Business- & Personal accounts

You can apply for Business accounts and Personal accounts
online without visiting any banks…
You can apply for several accounts in different countries…